Why see a counsellor

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger  than to someone you know. There are times in life when it’s normal to struggle with a significant crisis. These can be a specific life event such as, a bereavement, relationship difficulties, a redundancy or an event that changes you in some way. For others, there maybe no specific problem, but their life lacks direction or purpose. Perhaps you are aware that something is not quite right, relationships are not working the way you want or you are confused, feeling stressed out or angry & wanting to change how you respond and feel.

When people feel unhappy they often want someone to talk over their thoughts and feelings with. Finding someone to do this with isn’t easy. Family & friends can be supportive but often we feel we can’t talk to them for many reasons. They maybe part of the problem, we might feel we don’t want to burden them or feel judged by them.