What is Counselling?

Counselling can mean many things. For some it can be a chat over a cup of tea with a friend. For others, it means talking to a professional therapist who is outside their known social group where the expectations of both the client & therapist are clear from the beginning of the relationship.

Counselling can help people who want to change an aspect of  the way they think, feel or behave to enhance their life.

Counselling  offers a confidential secure space to look at or confront, change or  express uncomfortable feelings like confusion, anger, grief or depression.

Coming for counselling means talking to a trained counsellor, who has regular supervision, is insured & works to ethical guidelines. You would agree to meet at a regular time for an hour each week for either a set period of sessions or for as long as you & your counsellor agree.

Counselling demands a commitment of time, energy and finance.